In honor of the recent disturbance by a tornado warning during the Choral Assembly (Sorry, Swing. You all were amazing), we decided to ask Holton girls about their greatest unfortunate events. We were expecting embarrassing stories, funny accidents and other happenings of the sort. The responses we received, however, were surprising.

In typical Holton fashion, most responses detailed school-related fails ranging from classes go...

So you had a bad date. Did they like you a little too much? Did they make all your decisions for you? Were they rude or immature? Many of us have had those experiences, so we set out to discover Holton’s juiciest worst date stories. 

Person 1: We only dated for five weeks, and for the first three weeks, I didn’t have his number.

Person 2: My boyfriend freshman year invited me to a Walter Johnson football game, but he didn’t have...

Everyone understands that Holton girls dream big, but what about actual dreams they experience at night? We decided to delve into the subconscious layer of Holton girls’ minds. Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the strangest dreams our girls had! We promise you. You’ll be entertained, amazed and creeped-out. 

Holly #1: I used to have a recurring dream where people would bring desserts to my house. My mom would tell them to put...

Amy Ballard '19: Little known fact: packing peanuts are edible. Usually when I receive them in packages, I eat all of them. The first time I ate a packing peanut was too early for me to remember. It’s perfectly safe.

Upper School Director Chris Lynch: You know, tobacco companies also say their products are perfectly safe.

Amy: But this is true! Packing peanuts are made of starch, and they dissolve in your mouth. Mr. Lynch, have...

Holton girls aren’t always perfect. Sometimes we have to tell a little (or big) lie to get our ways. We wanted to find out what lies Holton girls have told. So we asked them. 

Senior 1: When I was seven, I thought my babysitter and I were friends, but she would only hang out with her boyfriend. She texted him all the time and always had him over. One day, I told the boyfriend that she didn’t want to date him anymore, and when m...

             Have you ever wondered what the life of a Holton girl is actually like? Is everything really just plaid skirts, studying, and Starbucks? In this blog, we will uncover the secrets of the Upper School. These anonymous short stories will reassure you of what makes a true Holton girl.

XOXO, Gossip girl

Person 1: I was super sick for like a month because of my asthma. Sometimes, when I would jump...

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