A1 BEATS by Laura Canseco

May 2, 2019

now you may be thinking, ‘blackbear. really? that basic sad-boi, try-hard artist?’ yes, him. ever since fellow classmate jumana schmidtty introduced me to his music in freshman year, i’ve been into his neo-emo pop music. today, i will be giving my take on the highlights of his new album, ANONYMOUS, which was released  last friday. 

let’s start with the basic skeleton of the album. there are approximately eighteen tracks, a...

April 18, 2019


eden, a Chinese-Irish artist, brings his former electronic-pop music background to the indie-pop scene. while his former albums tend to feature lighter-upbeat music, his new album, vertigo, clearly reflects an angsty shift in his music. 

recommended songs: 

1. “crash”

2. “forever//over”

3. “gold”

4. “xo”

5. “wake up”

6. “drugs”

7. “circles”


keshi’s approach to the hip-hop lofi scene leaves his listeners mystified. many of his...

April 4, 2019

a1 beats: track 3

laura canseco

hello and welcome back! i hope everyone enjoyed her spring break! this week’s track is a smooth blend of both chill and upbeat songs. enjoy! don’t forget to go follow me on my spotify.

  1. “champagne clouds” - malia civetz

at first the piano and the slow tempo of the song might throw you off, but the song slowly progresses to a strong chorus until it all simmers back down. it’s a nice song to lis...

March 15, 2019

in middle school, i wanted to be white. i didn’t accept being Asian because i never felt comfortable expressing my own asianness at school. the judgement I felt at school for doing something even remotely different and un-white made me distance myself from my own identity as a half-filipino, half-korean american. i wanted to be accepted, so i tried to act white.   

music was one aspect of my “whitewashing” journey. in lowe...

March 2, 2019

hi, i hope you are having a good day. in today’s track, i mixed newer, less familiar artists with more popular artists. enjoy.

1. “hawaiian boi”- triathalon

the waves in the background + guitar + soothing vocals = everything you need to relax to. if u really pay attention, the guitarist accidentally makes a mistake at 2:09, but it’s still a great song. you must listen to other triathalon songs to truly grasp the full palette of...

February 13, 2019

i find myself qualified to run this music blog as i listened to over 74,000 minutes (or 51 days) of music in 2018, according to my spotify wrapped. i have some song recommendations for you to listen to in the car, in the shower, at your desk, or in your bed. my goal is to introduce you all to underrated artists from a vast range of genres. go follow my spotify playlist with all of the songs i mention below along with some othe...

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