PODCAST: Mina Garavi & Grace Darcey

Welcome to our podcast series!


Every two weeks, we will be discussing topics that you are most interested in. That means any suggestion for podcast topics will be extremely appreciated. Please let us know if you have anything that you would like to come on and talk about or if you would like us to have any faculty member featured on the show. We will be discussing all kinds of topics, ranging from serious to lighthearted, so please feel free to tell us what content you want. Stay tuned!

Episode 4: End of Caps' Reign & DC Sports Scene

On this week's episode, we dive into the recent heart-breaking end to Caps' 2019 Stanley Cup run. Other aspects of the DC sports scenes like best stadium food, most disappointing team and most boring to watch are also discussed. 

Podcast #4 - Mina Garavi, Grace Darcey
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Episode 3: Troy vs. Squeglia

Podcast #3 - Mina Garavi, Grace Darcey, Troy Dyer, Mrs. Squeglia
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Welcome back, loyal listeners! On the third episode of our podcast, we are joined by Troy Dyer '20 and Mrs. Squeglia for some intense GamePigeon action. Troy and Mrs. Squeglia battle it out in 8 ball while we discuss the intricacies of the GamePigeon practice and spoil the Game of Thrones.

Episode 1: Overrated/Underrated Restaurants

Podcast #1 - Mina Garavi & Grace Darcey
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We discuss the most overrated and underrated restaurants in our area. We also dive into the very heated Yuri vs Raku debate. Listen in to find out just how much Mina despises Nando’s Chicken and how badly Grace wants everyone to try Wendy’s chicken nuggets. 

Leave us feedbacks, topic suggestions, etc.

Thank you!

Episode 2: Embarrassing Stories

Podcast #2 - Mina Garavi & Grace Darcey
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This week's episode is our reaction to embarrassing stories submitted by our listeners! Thank you to everyone who submitted. 


(Editor's Note: The staff confirmed that the "fourth grade teacher" story was shared by a student who never attended Holton.)

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