Five of the Most Outrageous Foods I've Tried

March 2, 2019

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my food blog, inspired by my food account on instagram: @kyleysfood. Check it out for further mouthwatering contents!


I wanted to start out with some out-of-the-ordinary eats that I’ve tried both in and out of the area. Please enjoy!



1. Sashimi on the Rocks ~ Fiskmarkaðurinn ~ Reykjavik, Iceland

 The presentation of this freshly cut salmon, tuna, scallop, arctic char, ocean perch and sweet shrimp far exceeds any expectation as it is set on a bed of ice with liquid nitrogen to not only keep the dish cool but also give it a smoky appearance. This restaurant also serves other interesting dishes, including puffin and minke whale!



2. Megg Rolls ~ Megg Rolls Food Truck ~ Alexandria, VA

These mac and cheese and buffalo chicken egg rolls are delicious and have a perfectly crispy outer shell. They have a great variety of unique combos, and each has its own flavor profile. I would definitely recommend any fellow Virginian to visit the local storefront location in Alexandria! 



3. Giant Meatball ~ Quattro ~ Whistler, Canada

This beautiful giant meatball is from the Italian restaurant Quattro in Whistler, Canada. The breaded meatball filled with meat sits on top of a comfortable bed of fettuccine in house-made marinara sauce. It’s safe to say that this is a meal for two (or maybe even three) if you ever make the trek to British Columbia. 



4. Thanksgiving Waffle ~ Funk N’ Waffles ~ Syracuse, NY

This is a stuffing waffle topped with mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy and a side of cranberry sauce. The waffle is super crispy and will definitely fill you up! Talk about transforming leftovers! 



5. Milkshake for (More Than) One ~ Black Tap ~ New York, NY

The milkshakes at Black Tap are definitely quintessential New York tourist Instagram features. This burger joint serves up a lot more than just burgers with their massive milkshakes topped with even more desserts! I tried to conquer the chocolate brownie by myself… and I was not successful. Nonetheless, it was definitely worth the trip!



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