Launched in 2018 Fall, Scribbling is the online counterpart to Scribbler, the student-produced print newspaper of

Holton-Arms School for Girls. Whereas Scribbler faces an unavoidable lack of flexibility due to its monthly distribution,

Scribbling aims to update far more frequently and provide students a new platform to write personal blogs and immediately respond to major events both in and out of school.


The staff is envisioning Scribbling to build the foundation for powerful conversations and healthy disagreements in our community of students, faculty, and family. 


Scribbling welcomes readers to submit comments or concerns on specific articles in the form of letters to the editor here. Suggestions for article or opinion ideas, submissions of complete articles, and nominations for student highlights can also be submitted here. Scribbling reserves the right to edit and publish all submissions.


7303 River Road, Bethesda, Maryland, 20817


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